Construction Site

Construction Site

Oct. 2005 // Quake 4: Campaign

Construction Site (while actually mostly void of construction in final form) is one of Quake 4's vehicle levels and features the Marine walker. The level, like the hover tank levels, was a later addition to the game, added in the wake of a series of cuts to replace a series of shorter vehicle sections spread throughout other levels.

Despite movement physics issues and struggles with the "vehicle only" Hornet and Roller enemies, the walker boasted impressive firepower with its machinegun and rocket pod combo, and was a satisfying means to mow through the game's normal ground units.

In addition to combat placement, my responsibility on the level also included re-builds to much of the level for visuals and performance, performance in particular once we learned how material-batched draw calls affected performance on the Xbox 360 renderer.

A new addition was the Harvester boss fight arena at the end of the level. The Harvester's ranged cannons were brutal against the slower walker on open ground, so I worked in some lower elevation crossed by elevated pipes to provide players with some obstacles and cover as they move through the area.

To make the area a bit more interesting, I made the overhead sections of each pipe destructible. This allowed players to absorb the Harvester's devastating rocket attack, but only once or twice. In addition, if one hides the walker into the small pocket between the pipes, the Harvester will target a section of pipe and destroy it himself. This opens pathing into the lower section, forcing players to make a quick escape to prevent an unpleasant fish-in-a-barrel death.

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Level by Ford Dye and Andrew Weldon.
Terrain by Ford Dye and Roger Cordes.