Interior Hangar

Interior Hangar

Oct. 2005 // Quake 4: Campaign

Like Hangar Perimeter, I took over Interior Hangar from original designer Bob Bettenberg and was responsible for the level through the end of development. The level was in similar shape as the first Hangar level when I came aboard, with its layout generally intact but in need of a visual, scripting, and combat pass.

The original version of this level was considerably larger, with an additional floor above the current playable space. This area and its story objective were both trimmed out, leaving the level's primary objective at the destruction of the two hangar bays. Fortunately this was a fairly clean cut, and I was also able to easily re-purpose the elevator into the level's exit, which then connected back to the center of Hangar Perimeter's entrance room at the start of MCC Landing Site.

The original combat pass to the level saw players move all the way to the central fuel tank area with Viper Squad, then return to the beginning of the level. This left players passing through the fuel tank area three separate times and doing a significant amount of backtracking. To remedy this, I pushed out the connection from the first room to the fuel tank area to incorporate what would become the "lights out" and turret sequence added by Jim Shepard.

Despite the cuts to the level, the fuel tank and hangar battles remained a fun combat area to put together. Players can choose to clear either hangar first, and I set up the central fuel tank combat to react to this by activating different AI tethers for incoming enemies depending on which hangar players are exiting.

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Level by Robert Bettenberg and Andrew Weldon
Additional scripting by Jim Shepard and Chad Bordwell