Hangar Perimeter

Hangar Perimeter

Oct. 2005 // Quake 4: Campaign

I took over Hangar Perimeter and Interior Hangar from original designer Bob Bettenberg after his departure from the company and was responsible for them through the remainder of development.

At the time I took over the level, the initial layout was in solid shape but the map needed a full visual pass. Bob's first pass made the best of the available content at the time, but in the time since artist Nichol Norman had knocked out a stellar new base texture set. One of my first tasks was giving the level a proper visual and lighting pass in the new style.

The new visual pass also gave me a chance to work in some style consistencies with Corey Peters' Air Defense levels and the post-hangar MCC Landing Site.

I was also responsible for a majority of the AI scripting and combat in the shipped level. The level introduces both the Strogg Gunner and Marine shotgun, and while both reveals were placed a little awkwardly, Bob's tightly wound layout is a perfect fit for the shotgun and the Gunner made for a great end-of-level appearance and continued nailgun+grenade mayhem in the following Interior Hangar.

While this level stayed more intact than its elevated successor, the engine room at the center of this map was the subject of significant re-builds and re-designs before finally being left at a simple two-button "puzzle" to melt glass. The constant revisions and changes left the room a bit haphazard looking compared to its surroundings.

Another late addition to the map was the new folding bridge to link the second hangar through the large cavern to the end of the level; layout-wise this was a shoehorn addition, but I was pleased with the resulting combat featuring a brief shooting gallery finished with a Berserker charge. My biggest regret with this connection was losing the low ground entrance to the level's final room, weakening the position of the final Gunner in what had been a more intense showdown before.

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Level by Robert Bettenberg and Andrew Weldon
Additional scripting by Chad Bordwell and Pat Williams