MCC Landing Site

MCC Landing Site

Oct. 2005 // Quake 4: Campaign

MCC Landing Site bridges the gap between the Strogg Hangars and the first briefing aboard the Marines' command ship, the Hannibal. The level is a combination of one part Air Defense Trenches, one part Interior Hangar, one part Convoy, and a new landing site by Roger Cordes.

Without the aid of a level streaming or layer system, this level proved an interesting beast to work with. We waited as long as possible to combine it, but even then any geometric change to any level involved had to be manually propagated into this level (which became even more fun in the late stages of the game after the Xbox 360 and German SKUs were split into their own branches).

My main responsibility in addition to maintaining the combined level through release was scripting the trench combat and building out and scripting an expanded combat area leading to the cannon control room. In addition, I also helped script the big gun sequence and parts of the Hannibal's landing.

Both this level and Hangar Perimeter featured new weapons delivered to players, but while Hangar's shotgun was a much stronger workhorse through the duration of the game, the grenade launcher in MCC Landing was a much better fit for its first use, with shells bouncing nicely in the confines of the opening trench battle, and giving the opportunity to lob shells at clustered Strogg Marine fodder down the long corridors leading to the control room.

My favorite scripting touch in this level was among its smallest - when in the Air Defense cannon, a small battle erupts in the trenches between the Strogg and three Marines. As the door explodes, the Strogg Marines ragdoll with directional physics impulses and the Marines in the trench each flinch according to their position and proximity to the blast.

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Level by Mike Renner, Andrew Weldon, and Roger Cordes.