Sector A

Sector A

Jul. 2001 // Half-Life: Deathmatch

Sector A is a bit too large for a good deathmatch experience, but was an extremely valuable learning experience. The level was my first large-scale undertaking and while I may have gone a bit kitchen sink on some of the random tricks in the level ("reflective" floors, electrical arcs, and even a test chamber), my overall Half-Life level design knowledge skyrocketed after constructing it.

I was particularly happy with how well I was able to recreate the pre-disaster Half-Life feel in many of the areas using screenshots and Valve's released .rmf files as reference. Those skills in emulating existing styles have come in immensely useful in my professional career.

While not my first level released for Half-Life nor my strongest, Sector A jump-started a rush of releases from 2001-2002 and resulted in significant growth in my level design ability.

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Level by Andrew Weldon