Aug. 2001 // Opposing Force: CTF

Quake III: Team Arena's mpteam6 was a space CTF map where the bases and central arena were connected by funky warping teleporter tunnels. I drew inspiration from this and Quake III's CTF4 to make a floaty space CTF map with a funky warping teleporter tunnel.

After running into some of the Gearbox crew on their official Op4CTF server, I learned that Wormhole had found play time in the Gearbox office. That run-in got me in contact with a couple Gearbox designers who were kind enough to provide valuable feedback on my later CTF levels, which in turn put Gearbox on my "studios to apply to" list - I'd be hired there five years later.

Wormhole 2/4 Wormhole 3/4 Wormhole 4/4

Level by Andrew Weldon