Harvest Season

Harvest Season

May 2012 // Starhawk Campaign

"Harvest Season" immediately follows the events of "The Freightway." After seeing heavy Outcast activity near Rifter shipping lanes, Emmett and Cutter receive a distress call from the nearby beacon station that serves as a navigation waypoint for the massive interstellar "tugs" that transport supplies between Rifter systems. The bold Outcast attack serves as the first reveal of Emmett's long-lost brother Logan, now the leader of the Outcast Warbands in the Outer Spur.

After a pair of tutorial levels, "Harvest Season" brings it all together to highlight Starhawk's signature multi-modal gameplay. The mission opens with a Hawk dogfight around the beacon station, then seamlessly jumps to ground combat as players land and hold the station's hangar bay against incoming waves of Outcast warriors in a Build & Battle defense.

Gameplay then transitions into a more traditional shooter progression, with Emmett entering the station airlock and proceeding to the main control room to re-activate the station's automated defense turrets. Emmett heads back out to the station's back platform, battling further waves of Outcast against the backdrop of the activated turrets shredding through additional Outcast Hawks. In another Build & Battle defense, Emmett drops an Extractor that re-activates the station's beacon, allowing the Union Tug Albatross to calibrate its jump drive and jump to this location.

The Albatross' arrival brings with it another wave of Outcast raiders in Hawks. Emmett takes to the sky again, this time with allies (if they survived this far) and fully operational station defenses assisting in a frantic dogfight around the tug.

I was responsible for this mission's design and progression, layout, and initial scripting and combat passes. Like with The Freightway, Matthew Gallant came on board and took this mission's scripting and combat encounters to final quality while I focused on Starhawk's multiplayer levels.

While it is only referred to as the "beacon station" in dialogue, the station in this mission is named "Eclipse Station" in reference to my first Natural Selection level, Eclipse.

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Level Design

Andrew Weldon

Mission Scripting

Matthew Gallant / Andrew Weldon

Environment Art

Matthew Breit / Lars DeVore