The Freightway

The Freightway

May 2012 // Starhawk Campaign

Starhawk's second mission takes place in orbit over the rift mining world of Dust, as our protagonist Emmett Graves and his gear man Sidney Cutter scout the area for clues to the origin of the Outcast activity threatening Emmett's former home of White Sands.

Where Starhawk's opening mission, "Homecoming," focuses on introducing players to the game's Build & Battle mechanic, "The Freightway" serves as a dedicated flight tutorial. The beginning of the mission focuses on flight controls and familiarity, while the back half ramps in increasingly difficult flight combat to acclimate players to dogfighting and missile evasion.

I provided the original design for this mission, as well as the first layout and scripting passes. As my work load on other missions increased, fellow designer Matthew Gallant came over to assist, and took the mission the rest of the way.

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The Freightway 2/3 The Freightway 3/3

Level Design

Andrew Weldon / Matthew Gallant

Mission Scripting

Matthew Gallant / Andrew Weldon

Environment Art

LightBox Interactive