Sept. 2012 // Starhawk Multiplayer

Relay was the first of three "extra-small" maps developed for Starhawk 1.04, released in September 2012. These levels were designed with smaller player counts in mind, and also were the initial proving grounds of our resurrected Deathmatch mode that also saw release in 1.04.

I first started poking at Relay during some downtime shortly after Starhawk launched; the space environment was easy to get up and running in new layouts due to its extremely modular nature. I started with the core of the level and the twin arms extending out over the midground (invoking some of Apogee's stylings) mixed with a dash of a tuning fork and some inspiration from Homeworld's Bentusi ships.

As the layout came together, I ripped out what had been a solid structural backing to extend the arms across the entire level; this created a clear dividing line down the middle of the layout. In between the new back arms came my new favorite touch - two small troop-scale ledges, each with Auto Turret snap points, designed to intercept pesky Jetpacks trying to take a shortcut across the level.

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Level Design

Andrew Weldon

Environment Art

Jonathan Lindblom