May 2012 // Starhawk Multiplayer

Outlands is the smallest terrestrial level in Starhawk and maybe the fastest-paced map in the original game. Like Basin, Outlands is a haven for Sidewinders with wide open spaces and numerous jumps. The level is also a meatgrinder in Zones, featuring only three rifts.

While LightBox artists typically handled most of the final detailing passes on our levels, due to end-of-project workloads I was able to swipe most of this level for myself (Jonathan Lindblom stepped in with the finishing touches when I had to jump off to finish the remaining MP levels). I particularly enjoyed assembling the various little cover walls throughout the level, based off a similar setup our Creative Director Lars DeVore had hooked up in Basin. The destroyed work site in the center of the level was also fun to piece together and, at points, came much closer to the level of density I'm used to from previous FPS projects.

The eclipse sky featured in this level was originally developed for Basin, but we felt that introducing our new level in a dark and brownish lighting scheme wouldn't do us any favors, especially against darker levels like Conduit and Orbital. We swapped the two skies a couple weeks before submitting our Public Beta build, and the change ended up being permanent.

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Level Design

Andrew Weldon

Environment Art

Andrew Weldon / Jonathan Lindblom
Jon Galloway