Lost Canyon

Lost Canyon

May 2012 // Starhawk Multiplayer

At its simplest level, Lost Canyon took inspiration from the concept of levels like Halo's famed "Blood Gulch" - base here, base there, meatgrinder in the middle. The land bridge serves as a visibility blocker between bases, a key shortcut between the side Rifts in Zones, and has even been used effectively on occasion as home to Outposts, Sniper Towers, and Turrets. Like Outlands, this map is fast and chaotic.

The Canyon levels suffer from a bit of a size and scale dilemma; while this is the "smaller" layout, it actually takes up nearly as much surface area as Narrows. One change I considered during development would have stripped the side paths and re-routed the overlook road to cross the bottom of the basin. This would have created an overlapping figure-eight layout and emphasized a key Build and Battle choke point in the middle, but time was tight and the layout was playing quite well already.

The flags in CTF were originally placed on the front platform of each base (a custom variant made for this level by Matthew Breit), but this broke their intended design, which was to allow hilarious Razorback/Sidewinder jumps into the central basin. With the flag on the front, players had to exit their vehicles to pick up the flag, re-mount, and then awkwardly fall off the front at slow speed. Moving the flags to the back platforms allowed this escape route to exist as intended.

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Level Design

Andrew Weldon

Environment Art

Stephen Daniele / Jon Galloway