May 2012 // Starhawk Multiplayer

Cove was designed as the featured multiplayer map for our unveil until size concerns temporarily shelved it in favor of Conduit. Unlike Conduit's rotational symmetry, this level is mirrored vertically into a horseshoe-shaped layout. A trio of low, middle, and high routes extend east onto a large plateau, while a single low route hooks around a pair of bridges on the west side of the level, meeting in a small central island. The namesake central cove is split by a single winding bridge that provides a tempting but dangerous shortcut for CTF.

My intention had always been that the east ridge would feature heavier man-made structures compared to more natural low-lying areas to the west. I temporarily borrowed the "Ballard's Crossing" space elevator from the single player campaign to provide a visual anchor to the top of the central plateau, but this never quite came together as strongly as I'd hoped.

When the frequently-linked Matthew Breit was tasked with building the space elevator platform for "The Pipeline," however, we had a perfect opportunity. Matt was kind enough to build that mission's platform in a modular structure that fit the terrain I already had established here, which allowed me to easily socket the new elevator into this layout with only minor adjustments. The extended front of the space elevator platform I added in this map provides a great overlook across the central bridge, and was the perfect spot to add a a sixth rift to the layout for Zones mode.

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Level Design

Andrew Weldon

Environment Art

Matthew Breit / Jon Galloway