Don't Mess With Hexas

Jan. 2011 // Quake III Arena: Deathmatch

I built this level as part of MapCore's 20 Brush Challenge in which we had two weeks to build a level using only 20 solids (skybox and game entities such as triggers did not count toward this limit).

I blocked out a few rough passes before deciding to take a chance on the interlocking hexagon style which gave me exactly twenty platforms with which to assemble my layout. I used a mix of jump pads and func_bobbing platforms to ensure connectivity between platform clusters and different elevations, and ended up with a fairly solid loop through the level.

I had originally blocked out the level using Matthew Breit's lun3dm5 concrete textures, which were of course reserved for dm5's eventual cubing and release. Matthew was kind enough to give me a dirtier concrete set with a fancy jump pad texture, while also running the skybox through a Python script he developed for lun3dm5 to generate the sky lighting. His final contribution to the level was suggesting I take the name "Hexas" to its logical conclusion.

Don Don Don

Level Design

Andrew Weldon

Textures + Lighting

Matthew Breit


Jochum Skoglund